My academic research has cut across different parts of the Physics spectrum. During my Undergrad and Masters degrees at the University of Canterbury I studied experimental Physics specializing in Nanotechnology. At Oxford I moved to the more theoretical field of Statistical Physics and Agent Based Modeling where I earned a PhD for my thesis ‘Networks, complexity and the mathematics of war’. Following this I took up a Research Fellowship at the Saïd Business School in Oxford where I focused on the quantitative analysis of conflict. A selection of my publications are listed below;

Journal Papers

S. Gourley
Locating Your Next Strategic Opportunity
Harvard Business Review (1 March 2011)

J. C. Bohorquez, S. Gourley, A. R. Dixon, M. Spagat, N. F. Johnson
Common Ecology Quantifies Human Insurgency
Nature, Vol. 462, No. 7275. (17 December 2009), pp. 911-914

A non-subscription version of the Nature paper can be found here (pdf) . If you want more details on this paper including information on the modeling, data, statistical analysis, then you can download a copy of the supplementary info here (pdf).

J.-P. Onnela, N. F. Johnson, S. Gourley, G. Reinert, and M. Spagat
Sampling bias due to structural heterogeneity and limited internal diffusion
Europhysics Letters (2009).

N. F. Johnson, M. Spagat, S. Gourley, J.-P. Onnela, G. Reinert
Bias in epidemiological studies of conflict mortality
Journal of Peace Research (2008).

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Effects of decision-making on the transport costs across complex networks
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Decision-making and congestion in complex networks
Complex Systems, Spie-Int Society Optical Engineering (2006).

S. Gourley, S.C. Choe, P. M. Hui, N. F. Johnson
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Europhys. Lett. (2004).

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F. Khan, S. A. Brown, A. Liu, S. Gourley, V. Christie, O. Dickie, R. J. Reeves
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Book Chapters

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