Quid is a company that is building a global intelligence platform. The underlying technology behind Quid is an extension of my mathematical research into war and insurgency. At Quid we have built a set of technologies that collect open source intelligence through thousands of different information channels. We take this data and structure it to extract entities and events that we can then use to build models that help humans understand the complexity of the world around us. All of this is wrapped up in an advanced visualization layer that allows users to interact, play with and question the data in real time. With Quid we are building software to help people make better decisions in a complex world. You can read more about the technical challenges here, and if you are interested in joining the team we are always hiring.

Mathematics of war

Quant conflict analysis

Quant conflict analysis

Quantitative analysis of conflict is a relatively new discipline that combines data collection, statistical analysis and modeling to understand war and inform political strategy. Our research group brings together an interdisciplinary group of physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists and political economists to use numbers and theoretical models to understand war. If you’re interested in joining the project or collaborating on future research get in touch with me and let me know. To read more about the research go to the articles page or you can go to the website for in depth coverage of the research. Here are the collaborators on this project

Neil Johnson and video lecture here
Mike Spagat
J. C. Bohórquez
Alex Dixon

A complete list of background papers relevant to this research can be found here