A little story about Quid

by seangourley on October 5, 2011

While building Quid, in the beginning, one of the questions that was always hardest to answer was ‘what does your company do’. This was hard because there really isn’t a short soundbite answer to the question. How do you explain the collection of data, structuring of information and visualization of multi-dimensional space in 30 seconds?

Over time though we got better at telling the Quid story, and over time the rest of the world has started to understand more and more of the technical elements of the Big Data space. The basic idea behind Quid is this: we are living in an increasingly complex world, with millions of interacting components and feedback loops, a world that may be beyond our raw human ability to understand it. With this in mind we set out to build a new set of tools to enhance the human ability to understand this complexity. Think of Quid as the new AI — not Artificial Intelligence, but instead Augmented Intelligence. I could go into more details, but I think this video does a pretty good job of telling the Quid story…..enjoy.

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